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A little about me.

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Marcy Ford
Nature Photographer, Artist & Writer
Living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Cape Cod & the Islands Magazine

2020 Beginners Guide to Birding

2019 Tales of a Cape Cod Beekeeper


Chatham Living By the Sea Magazine

2019 Summer - Artists in the Garden & Final Thought.

2019 Fall - Colors of Chautham

Cape Cod Magazine

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Jan 2016 - Then & Now - Meetinghouse Makeover

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April 2010 - Cover, Spring Takes Flight

Cape Cod Guide - Final Thoughts

Chatham Magazine

2018 Spring/Summer - A walk on the wildside

2018 Fall/Winter - Cover, Setting the Stage, Rooted in History

2017 Spring/Summer - Lavender Party, Winged Wonders

2016  Fall/Winter - Outside your window

2016 Spring/Summer - Enjoy the Silence

2015 Spring/Summer - Shell Game, Feathered Friends

2014 Spring/Summer - Return of the Grey Seals

2013 Spring/Summer - Into the Wild

Chatham Guide - 2015, 2018


Hello, I’m glad you’re here. Let me tell you a little about myself.  


My name is Marcy Ford and I am a Nature Photographer, Artist, Writer and all around lover of all things in the natural world.  From the tiniest shell on the beach, to the myriad colors, textures and patterns of flowers, birds, insects, water and rocks all the way up to wide open vistas of the mountains, oceans, desert…oh my gosh, I just love it all.  I am in constant awe of the beauty of our planet.  


There have been many influences on my art including my upbringing by nature loving parents, through my formal education and the variety of occupations I’ve held over the years.  Also very important to my career as a photographer has been living in such a beautiful place as Cape Cod with my husband, a Professional Arborist and scuba diver and my favorite hiking partner.  I love to travel and discover new landscapes with all the exciting things that can be found and photographed there.  


I am a regular contributor to a number of regional magazines, photographing and sometimes writing for a variety of articles related to the local flora and fauna of Cape Cod.  I have been featured in a handful of solo gallery shows and have sold prints and cards locally.  You’ll find many different types of photography throughout my gallery as I enjoy experimenting based on the subject matter, the lighting and the overall feeling I am trying to capture but also thoughtful of the intended purpose, whether fine art or editorial. 


My mission is to spread joy, beauty and kindness and inspire a respect for and connection to Mother Nature. I am passionate about capturing the wonder and artistry that is found in nature and presenting it in a way that intrigues, educates, illustrates a story or evokes emotion.  


I'm happy you are here and hope you enjoy your visit. 



Let’s connect! 

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UMASS Amherst (1998)

B.S. Natural Resource Studies and Wildlife Conservation

Paul Smith's College(1993)

A.S. Environmental Studies

Rochester Institute of Technology(1992)

A.S. Professional Photographic Illustration 

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